Welcome to Calibrate Cannabis...

Where I help you dial it in, figure out what works best for you, learn cool stuff and have fun doing it.

Cannabis works with our physiology in a multitude of ways. As laws change and research grows we are finding the complexities of the cannabis plant are endless. My goal is to help you nourish a healthy relationship with this complex plant, which is what motivated me to train as a cannabis coach.

What is a Cannabis Coach?

A cannabis coach is a trained, experienced and certified health coach who focuses on creating a holistic approach to health with cannabis.

I will help you navigate the nuances of the cannabis plant from how it works in the human body to finding what works best for you in the dispensary.

As the cannabis industry expands into numerous legal markets the need for consumer education is high (pun intended). Walking into a dispensary can be overwhelming. There are more and more doctors giving patients medical cards, but unable to take the time or have the knowledge that cannabis coaches do when it comes to keeping up with the ever evolving science and industry standards. This is why having a guide, a coach, a partner in the journey is helpful.



Recipes, links, guides and more...

For those of you who are interested in kitchen chemistry or simply enjoy getting into the kitchen, I will be sharing some of my cannabis creations . This is a great opportunity to save some money by learning to do it yourself. We will teach you how to get the most out of your investment (because cannabis is expensive). We will share our favorite products after years of research and figuring things out on our own, so you don’t have to. Last, but far from least, let’s talk about the science of cannabis, how it all works and why.

Clients will have access to guides, tracking and additional resources…. and much more!